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The Wizard’s Attic

Middle-grade fantasy. 139,000 words. Now Querying.

Learn more about and read excerpts from my recently finished novel, The Wizards’ Attic.

Published Books:

Zeus and the Giant Iced Tea

Poetry. 2011. AU Press

and in a dream
the voice from above said
I can give you this dream
of eternity
if you know
that you can never have it

Game Quest

Fiction. 2006.

They had never had a meeting this big before. Art knew because they had to pull extra chairs out of the storage closet to make seats. This made people nervous. Was it good news? Was it bad news? How could a meeting get so big without people knowing anything about it?


Poetry. 2009. Ekstatis Editions

This is the room my father died in
with a robotic bed
and vase full of exotic blooms
atop the multi-universe TV
dogging him with commercials
until the very end

This is the room
with a constant stream of visitors
both those he wants to see
and those whose book
he has already closed
but they keep returning
like adequate but inferior sequels
to amusing but mediocre stories

Bad Attitude

Fiction. 2008.

That was just before I got this job. You can always find another job. Someone will always hire you. Because the whole thing works on a sliding scale. They always need someone to be the lowest. The trick is to see how low you can go.

Books In Progress:

  • Our Hero (First Draft. Comedic Fantasy — 80,000 words)
  • The Wizards’ Attic (Complete. Young Adult Fantasy — 115,000 words)
  • The Take (Complete. Thriller/Horror — 70,000 words)
  • The Last Days of Naomichi Oda (Poetry novel. 30,000 words)