The New New Book Review

The New New Thing is still a book worth reading—as much as Liar’s Poker, Lewis’ first book about the market crash in the 1980s, is still a timeless read—for anyone who wants to understand today through the lens of yesterday or to do that thing we all seem so increasingly incapable of (partially in thanks to the changes documented in The New New Thing), which is learning from the past.

Even as ‘startup-culture’ and the unending quest for “unicorns” and have spread across the globe, The New New Thing somehow still presents a fresh and brutally honest look at the cultures, personalities and economics that dominate Silicon Valley and the tech upheavals brought upon us by people who can never have enough.

In a way, given its current-at-the-time exploration of Silicon Valley, The New, New Thing presents a more primal and fundamentally pure exposé of startup culture than a book examining these issues today might. It does so by following Jim Clark…

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