Image of The Wizards' Attic
The Wizards’ Attic

Evan Reid is suddenly facing the worst summer ever. When his parents unexpectedly pack across the country for new jobs in a big city, Evan finds himself friendless and far from the only faces and places he’s ever known, right before his first year of middle-school!

Everything is terrible until Evan stumbles across The Wizards’ Attic, a strange hobby shop that somehow moves about the neighbourhood and is filled with cards, games and collectibles Evan has never seen before. When Evan lets curiosity get the better of him and sneaks through the mysterious “Staff Only—Keep Out!” curtain, he discovers an impossibly enormous hall filled with cross-dimensional wizards who have gathered to fulfill just one mission: hang out and play the most epic board game ever: The Mages of Alzürna!

Catching Evan, the wizards debate killing him for uncovering their secret, but instead make him their apprentice. Now he’s in charge of tidying up and fetching slurpees from his ‘realm’ since the wizards are forbidden to enter it.

Suddenly, Evan has more friends, secrets and adventures than he knows what to do with… But not all is well with the Attic and Evan will need to learn fast, make tough choices and maybe even grow up a little if he wants to protect the wizards, save the Attic and unlock The Best Summer Ever!

Middle-Grade Fantasy – 139,000 words
Status: Complete. Currently querying publishers.

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